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When I was a kid, I always liked to make changes. One of my favorite things to do was rearrange the furniture in my bedroom. When I got a waterbed, that made things a little more difficult of course. So I had to be creative. I changed up posters on my wall and knick-knacks on my shelves. I guess it was foreshadowing things to come.

In this time of transition, I decided to look at my portfolio website and rearrange it much like I did when I was a teenager. It was a little more time consuming than I thought. But I made some organizational changes and added a couple new features.

The first and most obvious feature is I have a looping video on my homepage. allows you to create four free video builds with some templates to choose. Using my own photos and some stock video, I changed my messaging to be higher level with more punch. In addition, I have music to go with it. So click on the speaker icon and rock out!

The other addition is the "Numbers" section. It is four numbers that explain my career in a nutshell. They include the number of years I've been a creative professional, the miles between each career stop, the number of design awards I've won, and the number of section front pages I designed at the Pioneer Press. I could have added my PowerBall numbers, but I don't want anyone to steal them.

I also wanted to organize my content better, so I changed up my portfolio of "Projects" to highlight some of the work I've done in the past 25 years. As my career continues, expect to see some photography, video, and digital design projects added to the mix. I can't wait to take that step in my career.

Finally, I moved my resume or "Journey" information to it's own page so to help the reader take a deeper dive into my skills if they want to know how I got to this point. So dig in and see what you think. The process was fun, and I'm finding another calling when it comes to designing websites without learning code. ... But maybe that's next!


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