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It's been a month since my career took a turn. During this transition, I have been doing a lot of thinking and self reflecting. I've been reading self-help books and looking back at my career path and asking myself, "How did I get here?"

This is a little trick my wife told me. Put your laptop on some books so others won't see your ceiling when you are on a Zoom call. She's a smart lady.

I admit it was my skills, ability to adapt, and being in the right place at the right time that helped me get to this point. In some ways, I was letting my next opportunity dictate my path. Now that I have some time to actually think about it, it's time to start searching for opportunities that interest me.

Don't get me wrong, I have learned and developed skills at each job and haven't regretted any decision I have made. However now, it might be time to do what I have always wanted to do. In order to do that, I need to start networking.

Today is a record day to talk to people that are in the fields I want to be in. I am opening my Zoom door to a successful head of creative services at a consulting firm, a creative director at an NFL team, a CEO of a creative agency, and great talent recruiter. So I have to put on my best face, and be ready to communicate my passion for creativity to make strong connections.

This is fairly new to me. I am always a little apprehensive talking about myself, my career, and why I am valuable. I don't know if it's because I'm a little shy and humble, or something else. All I know is I want to make sure the people know that I am genuine and empathic.

Now that I'm networking in Zoom meetings, I have redesigned the bookshelf behind me to illustrate my personality. As you can see, I am a big Gophers football fan, and I collect the Surly Darkness bottles because of the artwork.

And as I start this new journey to find the job that best fits me, I want to make sure I make a good first impression. That can be difficult in the Zoom world. I have to think to myself, "Am I dressed right? Does my background show off my personality? is the sound ok? Am I communicating correctly?"

I will find out, and I'm going to be learning as I go. So far, this has been a great experience. But more importantly, I want to be able to help my fellow peers advance themselves professional and personally.

And even gain some friendships.

So be on the lookout for me. I might tap you on the shoulder and ask you about your career and advice on how you got here.


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