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There are signs

It's been awhile since I have wrote something in my blog. In fact, It's been a long time since I actually paid attention to my own website. There is a reason for this.

In the past couple years, I have never been more entrenched in my career. Add the fact that a pandemic forced me to work from home, I never had a chance to make the separation from home life and work life. I was going a mile a minute, trying to get things done between four-to-five meetings a day and balancing the needs of my family with the needs of my career. It was exhausting.

I'm not alone. I have read posts from people who are strong and driven to succeed struggling to focus and prioritize. It's hard and unfair. But it's reality, and somehow we have to get through it.

At this moment in time in my career, I have to slow down, whether I planned to do it or not. I am about to reevaluate what's important to me professional and personally. Right now, I'm focused on latter. In this past two weeks, I am retraining my mind to pay attention to those little things that are more important than the larger things.

For example, I am taking more time to be involved with me daughters. With them doing virtual learning, I am focusing on them to do the best they can under the current circumstances. I'm taking walks with my oldest—who at 12-years-old, isn't getting the value and fun that comes with being in seventh grade. I want to be more present in her life and empathize with her life and situation.

Right before this whole COVID-19 craziness started, my family took a trip to Disney World. During that time, my wife was going through the same feelings about life and career as I am now. As we were walking through a resort by a pool, she took a photo of a sign that said, "Slow Down." Even though it was meant for kids to not run around the pool, it took a very different meaning for her.

If you ask her, it was the universe telling her she is going too fast and trying too hard to be successful. Now I'm at that point, and I'm looking for those signs. I bet now that I'm slowing down, I'll start to see them better.


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