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My stars!

I had to hold back my tears.

As my youngest daughter, Libby, was sitting with the rest of her family, her older sister, Josie, stood up in front of selected Grey Cloud Elementary students, parents and teachers and spoke great things about her little sister at a breakfast Friday morning.

It was a first in the history of the Star Student breakfast that a sibling talked about a Star Student, according to the Principal Loshek. It made my wife and I so proud that my little Libby earned such a great honor to be a Star Student at Grey Cloud. It also made us proud that Josie was brave enough to stand up and express her feelings about her sister.

As tears rolled down my eyes, a profound sense of pride jolted through my body. It made me realize that my family is so wonderful. It takes a lot of hard work to raise kids in the world these days, but when there are moments like this, it's all worth it.

Libby deserved this honor as her teacher, Miss Yourczek, nominated her. Josie said that Libby was the greatest sister ever, which is a pretty bold statement. But what makes Libby a really special kid is her loyalty to her friends, her ability to be empathetic to her fellow students, her work ethic and her all-around character.

In addition, she really pays attention to the details, which Miss Yourczek pointed out when she introduce Libby to everyone. Libby loves to draw and is very creative. She even said to me that she wants to be a designer. Who knows? She might take after me. But perhaps she could be the next Joanne Gaines, because she loves watching HGTV.

Libby also loves Mommy and Daddy music. She is into the Foo Fighters, Billy Joel and the Beatles. She will spend an hour in her room listening to music and making choreographed dances that she demands us to stop what we are doing and watch her perform them.

Libby also has heart. There were many times her and I would cry over a good book or a good movie. One book in particular is Stone Fox, a book given to her by Miss Yourczek. Every night she would read me a chapter. Toward the end, the book was getting to the climax, and a shocking ending happened (This is spoiler free), and Libby and I just cried.

I can see why Josie said that about her sister. Both the Ramsden girls are so loved and special. I couldn't be more proud. Their talents and character far exceed anything I could have done at the age.

Here I go again, tears are rolling.

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