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"Somehow, it always gets done"

After working in a deadline-driven career for nearly 23 years, I have developed a saying: "Somehow, it always gets done."

I have to remind myself that once and while, because there are times in my job I'm flirting with not making that happen. I feel pressure to come up with a look and design that makes sense and compliments a story. Some stories are easy. Other times it's like your brain is spinning the Price Is Right wheel, hoping it stops on $1.00. And if that happens, you feel like this:

That's why when illustrating stories, it is encouraged to have a solid plan and ask others who are part of the storytelling process to help craft that look, feel and tone of the design. It is way better to play off of people than to go it alone. And when that plan is not concise, the struggle as a designer is real.

Some of the time, I welcome that challenge when things don't go as planned. However, when this happens, I have to make sure I am focused and avoid distractions when it comes to putting all the pieces together — even if they don't quite fit. In fact, some of the best things I've created have come from disorder. That being said, I usually need a stiff drink to take off the edge when the deadline comes and goes.

It is a good feeling to know you made the deadline. It is also a reminder that situations like that can't happen all the time, and you have to remind yourself and others that you rely on that all need to work together to avoid the stress that happens when a plan isn't solid.

And, of course, it always gets done.

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